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Cyderish is a Eugene cidery that specializes in dry ciders that drink much like sparkling wines. Using exclusively champagne yeast. Cyderish blends unique components to create unmistakable flavors that won't leave you guessing. Everything produced has Zero Sugar & is Low Carb, as part of their health-conscious better for your methodology Cyderish would like you coming back for more while maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

The Family

Founded by Ryan Werthwein in 2017, the idea of a cidery first started around a campfire that summer. With encouragement from his wife Kriya, Ryan quickly got the ball rolling & linked up with Eugene Wine Cellars who first helped co-package his ciders. Cyderish was a pretty small operation in its first year, but with help from other breweries & the support of the Eugene/Lane community, it soon grew beyond what Ryan could handle on his own. 


Cyderish has since spread its wings and now covers much of the state of Oregon & Southern Washington. We recently moved into a larger brewery to co-pack products and signed with distribution partners Bigfoot Beverages & Maletis. The growth has been supported by Summer Beck who started as an assistant cider maker and is now the full-time sales manager. 

When Ryan is not making or selling cider, he spends time with his wife Kriya, 5-year-old daughter Ivory and twin 1-year-old boys Olin & Onyx. They spend most of their summers camping & enjoying Oregon. Between the coast & Bend, Ryan’s family can be found with their toes in the dirt or his fishing pole in the water.



The Origin

The ‘ish’ in Cyderish first began when we combined cider & honey in our fermenters.  We wanted to boost the alcohol content without using refined sugars, so honey seemed like the best option. The federal government thought otherwise... While this is legal, it was not cheap or financially repeatable.  The ‘ish’ nowadays is the fact that we’ve always had zero sugar & low carb flavors that drink much like sparkling wines.


Blurring the lines of cider/wine/beer/seltzer has always been Ryan’s goal. Ryan bartended & served at various locations around Eugene, before spending 4 years in the tech world to find his true passion. Ryan decided to combine the things he’d learned over a lifetime of working for other people and took off on his own.  Today we have the fruit of our family’s labor & our community's support.

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